Introducing the Good Life Journal

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Photo by Liz Artymko on Unsplash

2020’s been a real shit show, hasn’t it?

From COVID and our nation’s palpable political division, to forest fires and those murder hornets, this year is one many of us would rather forget. We’re stressed and exhausted, and probably feeling pretty socially-isolated, too. 

The result? It’s hard to imagine a future where our country is a happy and united place. 

If you’re finding it more and more difficult to stay positive, we’re with you. But we’d also like to make things a little better because we can. We must. Since you’re here, we suspect you do too.

At Heylow, we believe that happiness comes not (only) from wealth, but from practicing happy habits, building relationships, and serving our communities. But happiness is not just about our individual actions.

Our happiness depends on the shape and structure of our society. Our founders knew this. They believed it was the responsibility for our government, of all governments, to guarantee and protect each citizen’s right to pursue happiness. Heylow and the Good Life Journal exist to help you turn that vision into a reality for both yourself and for our nation. 

Building a Good Life, one day at a time

Some of us are sad. Some of us are angry. 

And some of us don’t know what to feel.

And all of that's okay. It's a weird, weird time. Many of the things that used to bring us joy — testing yourself to a meal inside a new restaurant, exploring new towns and cities, that first sweet sip of beer seated at a bar on a Friday night with friends — are just not possible right now. Not safely anyway. 

But there's one thing that unites us all together, even now: the fact that each and every one of us can push for change, day by day. It won’t be easy. It won’t be fast. It is possible

Positive action > doing nothing at all

Cursing provides a temporary relief, sure (it’s scientifically proven, in fact). But long-lasting change requires something a little more proactive and PG-13.

Whether it’s meditation, trail running, being grateful, or getting quality sleep (i.e. not doom scrolling on Twitter or CNN at 3am), our aim is to share specific, actionable habits — ones that boost your morale, rather than dragging you down.

Now, we know this is nothing new. There’s no messiah complexes here! I am not your savior. Health and wellness recommendations are everywhere — get a weighted blanket; try CBD oil; cut out gluten; chuck chia seeds in your smoothies; sleep with your phone in another room; drink less coffee… the list feels endless. 

But sometimes you’ve gotta strip back the bullshit and focus on the basics: what makes you happy? 

What connects you to the important people in your life? 

What makes you hopeful about the future? 

The answer probably doesn’t come printed on your paycheck. And it certainly doesn’t come from getting more views on your latest Insta Story or favorites on your last Tweet. 

True happiness means being satisfied in your life and being satisfied with your life. Anything that genuinely contributes to that satisfaction?  That’s what’s worth spending time on.

Let’s make America the happiest place on Earth

Yep, you read that right.

America’s in a pretty crappy place right now. But there can be a light at the end of the tunnel if we decide to build it. By coming together, we can all help to make daily life a little less challenging, a little less depressing, and a little more focused on actually improving our lives instead of fighting amongst ourselves.

Coming off a divisive election where the losing candidate is refusing to accept defeat and is instead haphazardly attempting a coup to stay in office, it can be hard to imagine finding a way to come together. I feel it too. It can feel naive, misguided, and even counterproductive when we see our leaders advocating for unity. It can feel disheartening and surreal when we are asked to shrug off autocratic attacks on our country by those who lead it as jokes, ego driven fantasy, and political strategy by talking heads on cable news. 

It’s true that in many ways we are a divided country. We’re divided by geography, age, gender, race, and even in our willingness to trust in each other. That division isn’t just fate. It’s the result of the generations of work put in by those who benefit when we fight against ourselves. Just as they can divide us, we can refuse to play their game. We can choose to prioritize ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country instead of accepting the arguments of those who benefit from our pain and suffering. 

Our founders believed that we are all born with the unalienable right to pursue happiness. They believed that governments are instituted to protect and advance that right. As a country, we're profoundly unhappy and it's getting worse. Our right to pursue happiness is under attack. We must fight to protect it. Not just once every 4 years, but every day.

We all want the same things for our friends, our families, our children, and ourselves no matter what we look like, where we come from, or how wealthy we are. Yet, few of us have those things because the rich, powerful, and connected in business, the media, and politics are pushing us apart so they can profit by screwing us over. Together, we must reject their attempt to divide us. 

We must work together across our differences to take back the power, wealth, and,yes, happiness that has been stolen from us so that we can build the lives that we have earned and that we deserve. Only then can we make the United States the happiest place on Earth. Heylow exists to help you make that happen. 

Because if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that we all need to work together to enact change — nothing’s going to happen if everyone’s out for themselves.

Let’s put the shit show of 2020 behind us and move forward together.