Repost: Henrico casual menswear startup is tailor-made for pandemic

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To celebrate my(Patrick) birthday, I thought I'd share an article written about Heylow. It was written by Jack Jacobs and originally appeared in Richmond BizSense. Here's the key excerpt: 

An apparel sector veteran has a new venture up his sleeve.

Patrick Healy earlier this month launched Heylow, a casual menswear brand. The company’s mainstay product is a casual button-down shirt priced at $125 each. It also sells T-shirts, hoodies and accessories.

Heylow is strictly an e-commerce operation, selling its products directly to customers via its website. The company doesn’t have any plans to open a brick-and-mortar store, partially because of Healy’s familiarity with the e-commerce model (his previous gigs have been with companies focused on online sales) and partially due to the expense of standing up a shop.

Though the concept was being formulated pre-pandemic, the recent shift toward work-from-home among many employers and the corresponding change in what counts as work clothes provide an opportunity for Heylow to capitalize on.

“The circumstances made it more viable,” Healy said. “It just so happened that the trend toward casual attire was increased exponentially by the pandemic.”

The company hopes to carve out a niche through its button-down shirt line’s focus on a range of reversible styles. The shirts are also mostly made with recycled materials and cut to be worn untucked.

Head over to Richmond BizSense to check out the rest of the article. 

In case anyone was wondering, posting an article about myself with a giant picture of my face at the top does make me feel... insecure? Uncomfortable? Ridiculous? Heylow exists to give you the tools to improve your life. It's not about me. But the great team over at Big Spoon told me to do it and they're pretty badass.