We are Champions of the Weekend. We make high performance clothing precision engineered for relaxation and built for a brighter future.

Being an American is like living with your head constantly in the jaws of a bench clamp. The handle slowing turning to tighten the screw, putting more and more pressure on your temples until your head and your heart feel like they are about to explode. That was before Covid-19 decimated our country and destroyed our way of life. 

Today, news apps are filled with divisive politics, epidemics, and our world is literally on fire. Our leaders are flooding our minds with shit to divide us for their selfish gain. We are told we need to optimize every single aspect of our lives. Our exercise has been gamified, gently reminding us that we can never be good enough. Our social feeds are cancerous, addictive human highlight reels that make us ever more anxious, isolated, and alone. 

A World Optimized to Make Us Suffer

We cover ourselves in weighted blankets and consume CBD each night as we go to bed so we can calm our nerves just enough for a few hours of unfulfilling sleep. Our diets have been digitized, because, apparently, eating lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains isn’t enough. Now we have to track our macros like it’s fantasy fucking football. Hell, even drugs  intended to help us feel more connected to each other and to our world have been turned into performance enhancers.  

And, the truth is, none of this shit really matters. At least not if our goal is to live happy, fulfilled lives. 

Building a Better You

Finding happiness isn’t about optimizing our work days. It’s about how we spend our nights and weekend. It’s not about who occupies our iCal from 9-5, it’s about who we spend time with from 5-9. 

Happiness isn’t about accomplishing more. It’s about sharing the moments that matter with the people who matter most. It’s about working together to build our communities big and small. You know, all the things you do on the weekend. Living well means making the weekend the center of your life.  

We are champions of the weekend. 

We Make the Clothes You Wear When You Get to Choose What to Wear.

We make clothes for guys who spent their youths at basement shows and bowling alleys. At House parties and skate parks.

Today we wish we could spend our weekends brewery hopping and barbecuing. At pool parties and game nights.

We dream of taking vacations to explore cultures and cuisines. To enjoy big cities and beach towns. Not alone, but with our families. The families we’re born into and the families we chose.

Socially distanced, outside, and wearing masks, of course.   

Garments Built for a Brighter Future

Heylow designs clothing to make you look good and feel even better. Our clothes combine undercover performance and world class fit for the perfect weekend vibes.

We build clothes that are built to last a generation while letting your body move naturally. They are supremely comfortable and built from sustainable materials like post consumer recycled polyester, Tencel, and cotton certified by the Better Cotton Initiative

We’re dedicated to making the USA the happiest place on earth. Together.

Our founders believed that all humans are born with the unalienable right to pursue happiness. They believed that governments are instituted to protect and advance that right. As a country, we're profoundly unhappy and it's getting worse. Our right to pursue happiness is under attack.

We all want the same things for our friends, our families, our children, and ourselves no matter what we look like, where we come from, or how wealthy we are. Yet, few of us have those things because rich, powerful elites in business, the media, and politics are pushing us apart so they can profit by screwing us over. Together, we must reject their attempt to divide us. 

We must work together across our differences to take back the power and wealth that has been stolen from us so that we can build the lives that we have earned and that we deserve. Only then can we make the United States the happiest place on Earth. We exist to help you make that happen.