What's Your Return Policy?

Due to the nature of limited edition made to order products, returns and refunds will be reviewed on a case by case basis. While I don’t have specific guidelines, I can only accept returns for products that haven’t been used. If you want to return something after you take something out of the package to inspect it, try it on, and take a walk around the block that’s probably cool with me. If you want to test it on a trip, a day at work, or whatever you do for fun in a pandemic, I’m probably not going to be able to accept a return on that. 


How Do I Return an Order?

If you think your order is eligible for return or you're not sure, just email me at We will do our best to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We're a small business with limited resources. While we cannot offer the same return policies as monopolies like Amazon, we promise to treat you with dignity and respect.